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- Monetise Your Knowledge -

- Demonstrate Leadership & Credibility -

- Educate and Support Your Community -

- Generate New Leads & Clients -

- Build Your Brand Profile -

- Create a Digital Legacy - 

 Udemy learners reached 52 million in 2022 

 Udemy's revenue reached £491.48 million in 2022 

 Technology and Business courses account for 74.6% of all Udemy enrollments 

'Udemy' is an online course platform. 'Udemy' is our platform of choice.


 Use your knowledge to earn passive income 

 Think of an online course as a unique marketing strategy - one that will pay for itself! 

 You are an expert in your area, this could be finance, law, business development. We are experts in education! 

 Create engaging content that can be used across your socials and other marketing campaigns 

 Build your legacy by leaving a digital history of your knowledge and experience for a younger generation 

Our 4 Stages



This is where we sit down with you to create the course content. We would discuss the structure and length of your course, the main topics, and key objectives.



This is the stage where we film and record all the content for your online course. We can provide a filming location or do it on-location at your premises if that is more suitable. We encourage you to present your course but if you would rather not we can provide this service in-house or we can additionally find an actor.



This stage is where we turn the content into a polished online course, split up into lessons with additional downloadable content created for your students. At this stage we would create a first draft, giving you the opportunity for revisions prior to the final cut. 



The final stage of our service, where we create your Udemy profile before uploading and publishing your finished course. At this stage our services are concluded with providing you with the full master files of the course. 

 Why use us? 

A lot of you reading this and thinking about the benefits of having an online course will be 'masters of your trade'. This does not mean you can automatically 'teach your trade'.


We are a team of educational professionals with award winning teachers, course designers and media filming specialists. We can work with you to pull together a coherent, educational course that has clear goals, lessons, aims and follows a structure that is accessible to all.


We have experience in creating and delivering a range of courses, both through educational institutions, as well as online. We have the expertise to create engaging and high quality content.


We have in-house facilities to film, record, and edit high quality content.

 How much does it cost? 

We offer a range of packages depending on your needs, please get in touch with us to discuss a quote. 


We can work on a flat upfront fee where you will own all the content and rights within your course. We can then put this content onto a number of online learning platforms and help you market your short course for you to start earning passive income. 


Or we can discuss a reduced upfront fee with profit share of ongoing course sales depending on the niche and need. 

 Option 1 

Are you a confident speaker? With this option you present your course while we are behind the camera to direct you, ensuring your content comes out great and all your points come across effectively.

 Option 2 

If you'd prefer some company while you present, option 2 is a Masterclass style format. We will interview you to ask all the right questions and keep you on track. 

 Option 3 

Presenting not for you? No problem! We can hire in a professional actor or speaker to put your content across in a succinct and confident way. 

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